Sanctum Wonderland is now live!

What is Wonderland?
Wonderland is an innovative loyalty program crafted to infuse enjoyment into your experience while utilizing your SOL effectively. Within this framework, participants, known as Wonderers, gather Pets and accumulate EXPs to enhance their levels. Moreover, as a collective, the community collaborates to conquer Quests, thereby amplifying Wonderland’s potency.

Collect Pets?

If you collect at least 0.1 SOL worth of Sanctum Liquid Staking Token (LST), you’ll be able to collect its corresponding Pet.

Merely by retaining LSTs in your wallet, your Pets start accruing EXP. Each Pet garners 10 EXP per minute for every 1 SOL equivalent of the corresponding LST held, constituting the fundamental rate of EXP accumulation.

You’ll be able to level up your Pets, represented by a ☁️ and unlock an evolution form or two!

What Pets can I collect?

You can find all 18 Pets featured in Season 1 here:

See steps for airdrop in the next slide 👇

How do I join Wonderland?

  1. Link your preferred Solana wallet to
  2. Upon successful connection, an “Introduction to Sanctum Wonderland” popup will appear. Proceed by following the on-screen instructions to join Wonderland.
  3. If applicable, ensure to input your referral code for bonus points
  4. Optional but appreciated if you used mine: K8ZDYK

FYI server is congested, however mass click to get on and also use my code for a added reward at the end of season one.

Quick video guide on how to get started

EXP Multipliers

An EXP Multiplier serves as a transient enhancement to the rate of EXP accumulation for your Pet, denoted by a small chevron ⏩ icon.

Notably, your multiplier remains unaffected by your Pet’s level.

Multipliers are not obtainable individually; rather, they necessitate collective efforts from the community to fulfill Community Quests, unlocking these bonuses.

Following the completion of a Community Quest, all Wonderers receive a Multiplier as a reward. The Pet that benefits from the Multiplier varies based on the completed Quest and alters with each new Quest.

What are Community Quests?

Community Quests entail collaborative tasks and puzzles that require the collective effort of Wonderers to unlock additional features of Wonderland for the entire community.

New quests are periodically introduced, each progressively more challenging than the last.

The key to resolving them lies in communal cooperation, as only by working together can the community successfully overcome these challenges.

Using Your Liquidity

Make sure you utilize your liquidity while its wrapped, example we can see with INF we can get staking points on Kamino while we hold the token for that airdrop as well.

Full airdrop guide:

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