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Gain access to exclusive research articles that provide in-depth analysis and insights into the cryptocurrency market.

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Interact with like-minded traders by posting, commenting, and like each other’s content and stay up-to-date on the latest market trends.

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With our messaging system, you can easily connect with other traders via messages, voice and video calls all in one place.

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Learn all about cryptocurrency basics as well as how to use exchanges and best practices to securing your accounts.

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Access to a variety of pre-recorded courses

Covering Technical Analysis, Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, Wyckoff, NFT’s, DeFi, Market Correlations and Economic

Live Chat with Members

With our messaging system, you can easily connect with other traders via messages, voice and video calls all in one place.

Exclusive Membership Opportunities

Including early access to launchpads & pre-release tokens.

Weekly Q&A and Support Calls

To ask questions and get personalized guidance from our team of experts.

Weekly Mindset and Trading Psychology Training

To help you develop the mental toughness and discipline needed to succeed in trading.

Watch Live Market Scans & Calls

Gain access to live market scans conducted 3-4 times a week. Our expert team identifies potential trading opportunities and share valuable insights on market trends and fundamental news.

Access Premium Education

Our interactive course on technical analysis is designed to help you master the skills needed to make informed trading decisions.

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Personalized groups designed to foster a community of traders who can share ideas and strategies.

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Learn To Trade Cryptocurrency Like A Pro! With Experienced Guidance And MentoringFrom Empires Head Coaches And Mentors
Join us for a 4-Week Live Mentoring Program

Led by our most experienced coaches, featuring approximately 45 hours of live mentoring.

Discover exclusive trading strategies.

That have helped our students achieve a win rate of over 80%*
*Individual results may vary.

Benefit from the close-knit support

of a personal mentoring squad within our community.

Connect with other passionate trading enthusiasts.

Gain confidence and focus on wealth creation strategies as you learn to trade.

Includes & defaults to Premium Acesss

at $250/month upon completion of the mentoring program.

*Trial requires a credit or debit card and gives you 7 days free access to all features of our platform, then $250.00AUD per month until cancelled. Cancel any time.