Gummy Airdrop Guide: Get Free Gummy Tokens

Lets Claim Your Gummy Airdrop !

What is Gummy?

Say hello, to $Gummy, a 420 weed gummy bear, ready to take the Solana ecosystem by storm. In a world where crypto often takes itself too seriously, Gummy burst onto the scene, here to prove that sometimes, the sweetest returns come from not sweating the small stuff.

Why We Like Gummy

Gummy is a fairly distributed airdropped memecoin meaning the developers and founders at Crypto Banter equally have to participate in airdrop farm to earn their share of Gummy Tokens. This helps to avoid rug pulls and pump and dumps as the founders hold equal number of tokens as to how much they have farmed which we all have the ability to do. Gummy also has a very strong community which can be a vital part of a memecoins success. The best part about it is that it is free to farm, lets show you how!

How To Get Free Gummy Airdrop Guide - Confirmed Airdrop

What you will need:

A Phantom wallet

A Web browser

Step 1: Head to and click on the sign in to earn button.

Step 2: You will be asked to create an account to sign in, or sign in using Twitter. I personally used twitter, but either option works.

Step 3: Once signed in, as long as you have the banter bubbles webpage open you will be automatically be Gummy Airdrop earning points. The long you leave it open, the more points you will farm thus the bigger your potential airdrop will be. 

Important: You will be asked to input your solana wallet address which you can obtain through phantom wallet. This step is required to ensure you can claim your airdrop later. Failure to do so may restrict you from later claiming your airdrop 

Important: If you do not open banter bubbles whilst logged in for a long period of time (7 days +) your points may reset to zero. So make sure you have the page open as often as possible to ensure your airdrop.

Step 4: Follow Gummy on X and enable notifications so you get an alert when the claim period for the Gummy Airdrop begins.

Official Gummy X here:

Claiming Your Tokens from the Gummy Airdrop

Once we receive the tweet that the claiming period has opened, here is how you can collect all the tokens farmed based on the number of points you have from the Gummy Airdrop. 

Step 1: Head to the official Gummy airdrop website at and click on the Claim your $GUMMY button.

Step 2: A window for Solstorm will open up asking you to select your wallet. When connecting your wallet, you must connect the wallet with the address that you earlier provided in step 3.

Final Step: Click the claim buttons and your Gummy Airdrop is complete. You would have recieved $GUMMY tokens in your designated wallet.

IMPORTANT: You may need a tiny bit of SOL in your solana wallet to complete the claim process.

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