Sanctum Playbook 2.0

INF is the flagship product of Sanctum, encompassing a combination of all other LSTs. The average holding among users is approximately 0.85 INF, positioning you above the median if you hold at least 1 INF.

Holding over 5 INF places you within the top 20% of wallet holders.

Note: Following the completion of the first community quest, there will be a 4x point multiplier for 24 hours, beginning this Friday at 12 PM EST, applicable exclusively to INF transactions. It is recommended to allocate your assets into INF during this bonus period and revert to other LSTs afterwards.

Sanctum Airdrop Link👉 Sanctum Airdrop

INF Dashboard👉

Helius Labs

hSOL is an LST from @heliuslabs, which recently raised $12.6 million. There’s a good chance they might tokenize in the future and provide benefits to those holding their LST.

Given the intense competition and the challenges of generating revenue in the RPC provider space, it seems plausible that their funding might be geared towards the eventual release of a token.

The founder has hinted at potential rewards for holders of the Helius LST or those who stake with their validator. He has suggested, “You’re really going to want to stake with Helius,” and mentioned that there will be benefits for LST holders as well.

Path Finders

pathSOL – TLDR access to the sanctum NFT collection @Pathfinders right now its basically a raffle system but you can get special roles in the discord for holding either 1, 10, or 50 pathSOL.

The collection size is going to be 10k and I dont think they will distributed all the WL spots via raffle and will likely base a lot of the future spots based on your pet level of the pathSOL LST (would try to get to at least pet level 50 or 100+) which is like 10-20 days holding ~5 SOL worth You can learn more about parhtfinders here:

Discord Link👉 The Bathhouse



If you have SOL that isn’t currently being used and you’re aware of and comfortable with the inherent risks associated with smart contracts (which are common across all airdrop farms and DeFi protocols),

then utilizing it to farm Sanctum could be a beneficial strategy.

Sanctum offers a relatively passive and low-effort farming experience while allowing you to keep your exposure to SOL.

Although it might not yield extremely high returns like those seen with Jito-style airdrops, considering that Sanctum has raised $6.3 million, the upcoming airdrop could still be quite substantial in a few months, in my opinion.

This is provided they opt for a balanced distribution strategy that doesn’t excessively favor the whales.

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