[Premium] Guide To Completing Venom Airdrop

Lets dive into the process to acquire complimentary Venom tokens through an AIRDROP, which is anticipated to be tenfold bigger than $ARB. Venom boasts its own investment fund worth $1 billion, an amount ten times larger than that of Arbitrum.

What is Venom? Venom is an L1 blockchain built on the TVM designed to operate as part of web3 infrastructure. As a result, the blockchain facilitates super-fast transactions and unlimited scalability.

Step-by-step guide to eligibility:

Step 1.

First visit https://venom.network/

You will need a https://metamask.io/ wallet

Be patient as transactions can sometimes take a few minutes.

Download the Venom wallet and create a new wallet – https://venomwallet.com/ Remember to save the seed phrase.

Step 2.

Go to the faucet https://venom.network/tasks, complete simple tasks, and click CLAIM.

You can also receive test tokens at https://venom.network/faucet by answering a question.

Step 3.

Subscribe, tweet about the project, and mint NFT – https://venom.network/tasks/venom-foundation

Step 4.

Send test tokens to the designated address and mint NFTs – https://venom.network/tasks/venom-wallet

Step 5.

Follow https://twitter.com/w3w_exchange

Make swaps, deposit into pools, and farm tokens – https://venom.network/tasks/web3-world

Step 6.

To make a swap, go to the website https://testnet.web3.world/swap choose the number of tokens, and click SWAP.

Step 7.

To provide liquidity visit https://testnet.web3.world/pools, select the pair you want, pick the amount, and click Connect. Choose the amount of tokens and continue.

Step 8.

Deposit tokens and authorize transactions. You have successfully added liquidity.

Step 9.

Deposit LP tokens to Yield Farming Pools https://testnet.web3.world/farming select the amount of tokens and days, click deposit.

Step 10.

Now we need to stake a minimum of 10 Venom tokens https://venom.network/tasks/venom-pools

Go to https://testnet.venompools.com/, select a validator and amount, then stake.

Step 11.

Next we are going to us the EVM Bridge and vice versa https://venom.network/tasks/venom-bridge

Go to the website https://testnet.venombridge.com/bridge, connect wallets, select networks, token amounts, and click continue.

Step 12.

Lets go ahead and stake some tokens https://venom.network/tasks/venom-stake

Go to the website https://testnet.venomstake.com/ , select the amount, and click STAKE.

Step 13.

No we need to buy and list a NFT https://venom.network/tasks/oasis-gallery

Go to the marketplace https://testnet.oasis.gallery/, select any NFT, buy and list it for sale.

Step 14.

In the last task, subscribe to @venompad and tweet about them https://venom.network/tasks/venom-pad

Once you’ve completed all of the tasks, go to Discord and leave your feedback in the completed-tasks channel https://discord.gg/venomfoundation

Step 15.

1, Follow Snipa Finance on twitter.

2, Then connect your venom wallet to Snipa Finance and click Join Venom testnet.

3, Now mint your NFT.

Community rewards In their tokenomics, 22% of the 7.2 billion tokens are reserved for the community. This is an excellent percentage. And because the project has its own funding, and we don’t spend anything except our time, it’s well worth getting involved.

Thats it for now team, there is still 10 more missions soon to be released. I will do another post once these are available, personally i think this is going to be huge team, so don’t miss out on this one. Any questions about this feel free to drop a post in the Airdrop group so the team can assist you further.

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