LiFi Airdrop

Jumper, LiFi’s bridge aggregator, presents an ideal solution for executing the “Lego” strategy in airdrop farming, leveraging a single transaction to engage with multiple projects. Here’s why Jumper aligns seamlessly with this strategy:

  • Substantial Funding: With a notable $23 million raised, Jumper boasts robust financial backing, indicating a strong foundation for development and growth.
  • Interoperability: Jumper’s ability to interface with LayerZero, Base, zkSync, Linea, and LiFi concurrently positions users to tap into diverse project ecosystems simultaneously. This broad interaction expands the scope for potential airdrops across various networks.
  • Loyalty Rewards: The implementation of a Loyalty Pass feature, accruing points with each interaction, introduces an additional incentive for users. These accumulated points hold the promise of conversion into $LZRD tokens, enhancing the value proposition for sustained engagement with the platform.
  • Token Visibility: Despite its mention in a now-deleted GitHub repository, Jumper’s token attains recognition within the developer community. While the specifics of this mention may have evolved, it signifies acknowledgment and potential integration within pertinent projects, further bolstering Jumper’s credibility.

By leveraging Jumper’s capabilities, users can execute the “Lego” strategy effectively, optimizing their airdrop farming endeavors and maximizing potential rewards across diverse cryptocurrency projects.

Airdrop Strategy

In previous discussions, I’ve delved into various aspects of Jumper. Now, let’s focus on an actionable guide that will lead you to attain the coveted Gold rank, which stands as the third highest achievement, within a timeframe of 2 to 3 months. This guide will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the entire process, ensuring tangible results for your efforts.


Sign up for LiFi’s Loyalty Pass with Email & Wallet:

This step is crucial to accumulate points and climb ranks.

⛽ Gnosis Gas Refuel:


To surpass the $1,000 volume criterion, it’s advisable to allocate at least $125 per transaction. Personally, I opt for a higher threshold of $500 per transaction to ensure compliance with this requirement.

🌉Bridging Rotation
3) Bridge ETH from Optimism → Base
[Pick Stargate as Route]
4) Bridge ETH from Base → zkSync
5) Bridge ETH from zkSync → Arbitrum
6) Swap ETH to USDC
7) Bridge USDC from Arbitrum → Polygon
8) Bridge USDC from Polygon → Gnosis
9) Swap USDC → USDT
10) Bridge USDT from Gnosis → Optimism


We not only engaged extensively with Jumper, which is poised for potential tokenization in the future, but also incorporated interactions with LayerZero, Base, and zkSync into our strategy!

Volumoor: $4000 Transactoor: 8 Transactions Chainoor: 6 Chains

Here are three additional tips to conclude the one-pager:

💡 Maximize Your Volume: Optimize your volume and transactions by utilizing Jumper as your aggregator when swapping on zkSync. This strategy allows you to stack even more volume and transactions efficiently.

💡 Month 2 Strategy: In the second month, consider diversifying your interactions by replacing Optimism with Linea and Gnosis with BNB. This adjustment enables you to engage with additional chains, broadening your exposure within the ecosystem.

💡 Utilize Stargate: When transacting between Linea and Base, leverage Stargate to facilitate seamless and efficient transfers.

Loyalty Pass PFP

Dynamic PFPs are now LIVE on 0xmercle

Level up your Loyalty Pass from Level 1+ to unlock rarer traits and flex your pepe on CT

Mint yours now:

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