Interoperability Loop

2024 is poised to witness the full-fledged emergence of the cross-chain narrative, as several bridging protocols unveil their tokens, vying for dominance in the market. By actively participating across these platforms, you can stake your claim and seize an early opportunity for involvement.

Welcome to the era of the Interoperability Loop. 🪂

— LayerZero Gas Up —

Our initial step involves acquiring gas tokens across different chains to ensure smooth operations down the line.

One notable advantage lies in Merkly Refuels, which harness the capabilities of LayerZero, providing us with distinctive transactions and contracts. Meanwhile, Bungee Refuels leverage Socket, an interoperability protocol devoid of tokens, offering its own set of benefits.


Let’s prioritize Polygon due to its resilience against high gas fees.

Feel free to refuel from other networks to access additional Source Chains.

▫️ Polygon Refuel → Core [0.25]
▫️ Additional Refuel → Base [≈0.0005]
▫️ Further Refuel → Celo [0.05]

Bungee Exchange
▫️ Gas Up on Polygon → BNB

▫️ Convert to USDT

▫️ Transfer USDT via Bridge to BNB Chain

Opt for the Stargate Route, even though it may incur slightly higher costs!

Now, we await the completion of the bridging process…

▫️ Transfer BNB USDT to CoreDAO

▫️ Exchange $5 of USDT for CORE (You only need to do this if you need gas)

▫️ Swap 20% USDT into any token and swap back to USDT

▫️ Bridge CoreDAO USDT to Optimism

This LayerZero bridge is among the most popular choices, and with good cause – it offers affordability and facilitates substantial transaction volumes!

Jumper Exchange

▫️ Convert Optimism USDT to USDC.e

▫️ Purchase approximately $2 worth of FUSE (Only do this the first time you do this route)

Jumper not only serves as a bridge aggregator featuring Stargate routes but also functions as a DEX aggregator. Additionally, contemplate leveraging their Refuel feature once or twice monthly.

Fuse Network

▫️ Transfer Optimism USDC to Fuse Chain

▫️ Transfer FUSE to Fuse Chain

▫️ Buy $5 worth of Fuse tokens (This is how we will get the bulk of our gas, you only need to do this when you want gas)

▫️ Transfer USDC to Arbitrum

Similar to CoreDAO, this method proves to be one of the most effective approaches to boost transaction volume within LayerZero!

▫️ Convert Arbitrum USDC to Base USDC

deBridge secured $5.5M in funding, with another round of fundraising anticipated in the near future.

They’ve recently introduced a ‘Points’ Tab, with Points being accumulated retroactively.

Jumper Exchange

▫️ Swap 100% of USDC → agEUR

We are going to swap to agEUR because this will be the token we need to bridge on the next platform.

Angle Protocol

▫️ Transfer 50% agEUR to Gnosis Chain

▫️ Transfer 50% agEUR to Celo

▫️ After a day or two, bridge agEUR to Arbitrum

▫️ Once we have bridged back to Arbitrum, use Jumper to swap agEUR Arbitrum to USDT BSC or USDT Polygon and repeat the process.

Angle uses LayerZero technology.

You can get CELO Gas on Squid Router

Get Gnosis token on Bungee refuel

This is the end of this route.

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