Zora Airdrop

Zora is an L2 solution based on Optimism, specifically designed for working with NFTs. The project has raised $60 million from paradigm, Cbventures and other VCs.

The project has a confirmed token, making it an excellent opportunity to farm the airdrop.

Step 1.

Before we get started, let’s add Zora to MetaMask:

Step 2.

Next step is bridging funds to Zora:

  • Visit https://bridge.zora.energy
  • Connect using MetaMask
  • Enter 0.015 ETH from Ethereum and bridge it to Zora
  • Click on “Bridge” and sign the transaction in MetaMask

Please note that at 17 gwei, this transaction will cost you $2.5

Step 3.

Here’s a simple guide to minting 20 NFTs for just a few cents:

1️⃣ Visit http://mint.fun
2️⃣ On the Zora network, select any free collection and navigate to its page
3️⃣ Click on “Mint”

To mint an NFT for only 2 cents, set gwei in MetaMask to 0.0001.

Step 5.

I would also recommend minting a couple of official NFTs from Zora, as they can be a great multiplier:

  • Go to https://zora.co
  • Select any collection and navigate to its page
  • Click on “Mint”
  • Sign the transaction in MetaMask

Active days are a crucial criterion for the airdrop. Rather than minting 20 NFTs all at once, I recommend minting them on different days. Consider minting one official NFT at a time or doing 2-3 mints on http://mint.fun to spread out the activity over 2 months.

Step 6.

Here’s another activity with the potential to multiply your airdrop: creating your own NFT collection on Zora.

Follow the steps:

  • Visit https://mint.fun/create
  • Fill out all the required fields
  • Click on “Create project” and sign the transaction in MetaMask

Congratulations! Your wallet is now in the top 15% of active users on Zora, which guarantees that you will receive the $ZORA airdrop.

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