XION Testnet (Potential $5,000 Airdrop)

Hashkey Capital, along with other investors, contributed to an $11 million funding round for Burnt Xion, a new blockchain on Cosmos called Burnt Testnet.

By becoming an early adopter of this blockchain, you have the potential to earn up to $5,000.

Burnt is pioneering XION, a groundbreaking Layer-1 blockchain strategically tailored to drive widespread consumer adoption. XION’s mission is to eliminate technical obstacles, offering:

✨ Effortless fiat on/off ramps
✨ Direct credit card transactions
✨ Familiar Web2 login experiences
✨ Zero gas fees

XION is poised to revolutionize the landscape, promising to be a transformative force in the blockchain industry.

Step 1.

Visit https://shorturl.at/dtP04

✨ Select “Connect”
✨ Enter your email and await the confirmation message
✨ Choose “Create a new account” and opt for “Account 1”

Step 2.

Discovering XION:
✨ Link your Twitter account
✨ Integrate with Discord

Minting NFTs — Invite friends using the provided link and claim a second NFT.

You’ll also want to participate in the referral campaign to finalize the second step and anticipate the arrival of the third one!

Step 3.

Complete the Galxe campaigns

Visit https://shorturl.at/pANW3

Step 4.

Burnt (XION) – Telegram Supporters

Visit https://shorturl.at/dlAY2

Join Xion Telegram

Thats it for now team, i will cover this more on my live call this week.

Happy airdrop hunting.

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