Unveiling Scallop.io: Revolutionizing Data Scalability

Scallop.io is a cutting-edge platform built on SUI changing the game for businesses handling large volumes of data. It offers advanced data management tools, harnessing technologies like cloud computing for efficient storage and analysis. With real-time analytics and expert support, Scallop.io empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights and streamline operations. In a data-driven world, Scallop.io is a beacon of innovation, helping organizations thrive.

Token Overview
Name: Scallop Token
Ticker: $SCA
Chain: Sui
Total Supply (Max): 250,000,000 SCA

SCA Token

The SCA token serves as the fundamental utility token within the Scallop ecosystem, facilitating decentralized transactions between participants.

Users will receive SCA tokens as incentives for actively participating and contributing to the ecosystem.

SCA holders can utilize their tokens to stake and receive Vote-escrowed SCA (veSCA). Further information on veSCA will be made available in the near future.

Token Distribution

  • Liquidity Mining (45%) — Distributed via a variety of liquidity incentivization schemes.
  • Scallop Core Contributors (15%) — Owned by the founding team contributors.
  • Dev & Operation (4%) — Allocated for development and operational purposes.
  • Advisor (1.5%) — Distributed to key project advisors.
  • Strategic Investors & Partners (15%) — Reserved for private fundraising and strategic partnerships.
  • Ecosystem/Community/Marketing/Airdrop (7.5%) — Allocated to fund marketing and platform growth initiatives.
  • Liquidity (5%)
  • Treasury (7%)

Vesting Schedule

  • Liquidity Mining: The emission will be released every month, with the current month’s release being 1.5% lower than the previous month. Initially, it will be released in a quantity of 2,830,459 SCA.
  • Treasury: 100% unlock at TGE (Token Generation Event) to maintain long-term liquidity on both centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX).
  • Ecosystem/Community/Marketing: Linear unlock over 5 years.
  • Scallop Project Contributors: Locked for 1 year, followed by a linear unlock over 3 years.
  • Advisor: Locked for 1 year, followed by a linear unlock over 3 years.
  • Dev & Operation: Linear unlock over 5 years.
  • Investors: Unlock over 1–3yrs.

Below provides an overview of Scallop’s SCA emission chart:

Scallop Protocol on Sui Raises $3M

Scallop Protocol, the premier lending and borrowing platform on the Sui Network, has successfully raised $3M in its latest Investment Rounds.

The Q1 2024 Strategic Investment Round, co-led by CMS Holdings and 6th Man Ventures, marked a significant milestone for Scallop Protocol. Notable investors such as Kucoin Labs, Blockchain Founders Fund, and Oak Grove Ventures also participated in this round.

Since its Main-net launch on Sui in July 2023, Scallop Protocol has rapidly gained popularity, boasting an all-time-high Total Value Locked (TVL) of $156M. With over $15 billion in total lending and borrowing volume, and $2 billion in Flash Loans volume, Scallop has emerged as the top DeFi protocol on the Sui Network.

With the recent funding, Scallop Protocol aims to scale its operations and introduce new features to elevate user experience. These features include a Flash Loan SDK and Scallop Swap powered by Aftermath Finance.

Excitement is brewing as Scallop Protocol gears up for its highly anticipated token launch. In Q1 2024, Scallop will introduce its native governance token, SCA, marking the next stage of development for the platform.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Scallop_io

Website: https://scallop.io

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