SUI Airdrop Guide

What is SUI?

SUI is a permissionless Layer 1 blockchain powered by a secure Proof of Stake algorithm, created by Mysten Labs in the USA. Its support for a range of Web3 features like on-chain DeFi and reward programs makes it an ideal platform for building various applications. SUI’s technology has the potential to transform the digital economy.

SUI Investors!

SUI raising over $300M from prominent investors like a16z, Coinbase, FTX Ventures, Jump Crypto, Binance Labs & Apollo is an impressive achievement that shows strong support for the company’s growth potential. This significant investment can provide the resources needed for expansion and attract more attention from investors and industry players, positioning SUI as a leader in the market.


SUI is a decentralized asset designed for on-chain activities such as lending, borrowing, trading, and investing. With a 10 billion supply, it rewards validators/stakers and enables democratic governance through on-chain voting.

Airdrop Steps…

Step 1.

Download & create a Sui wallet:

Step 2.

Testing the Official Sui Wallet

-Create an account and switch to the Sui Testnet in settings to request test SUI tokens.

-Go to the Apps tab in your Sui Wallet -Click on Sui NFT Mint to mint an NFT on the demo site.

Step 3.

-Get a Faucet test tokens by joining Sui Discord:

– Go to the top left hand side and click browse channel, in the search bar type #testnet-faucet. Then scroll down until you see a blue symbol with testnet-faucet, hover your mouse over it and a option to select view will come up (press it).

Now a side bar on the right will have popped up and you can type (!faucet Sui wallet address) It will look like something this !faucet 0x8065bdba45cf8b7110f611a0809e3c8d38dd06740505cb89aec5a. Yu will then receive SUI in your wallet, if you have done it right.

Step 4:

Stake & Earn SUI – Open the Sui wallet and click “Stake & Earn SUI” – Select any validator, input the amount, and click “Stake now”

Step 5.

– Go to and connect your Sui wallet – Switch to Testnet, mint tokens, swap tokens, add/remove liquidity. I will be doing this regularly, maybe like twice a week.

Step 6.

Go to and complete the missions on crew3.

Its important to note that Suiswap is not SUI and these may not have anything to do with the airdrop but we are doing them just incase. I cant find any official link on SUI discord relating to Suiswap but it seems most are doing these anyway.

Disclaimer: This is not a confirmed airdrop and doing these tasks does not guarantee you free tokens. However airdrops are not advertised in most cases and are worked out by the community instead, we can only participate in the testing phase in hopes that SUI may reward us for being early supporters. Happy Airdrop hunting team.

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