Michael D Testimonial

Meet Michael D: The Trader Who Surpassed His Goal with Over 30 Consecutive Wins!

“I recently set a goal to get 30 winning trades in a row and I am thrilled to report that I have not only achieved that goal but I have smashed past it.”

Michael D

One of the first to join Empire Crypto Trading. With zero prior knowledge about crypto, Michael embraced Empire’s robust mentorship and is a regular on Empire Live calls. Today, he’s a profitable trader, boasting an incredible 62 wins out of 64 trades. Hear Michael share his transformative journey with Empire and discover how you can also navigate the world of cryptocurrency trading.

Check out Michaels 30+ Trade Win Streak

Our Members Love Empire!

I’m truly grateful to call them family; that’s exactly what they feel like. Their unwavering support is inspiring.

Macsue S

My journey with Empire has been transformative. Initially skeptical, the first online courses left me amazed.

Adam G

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