ZkSwap Airdrop Guide!!

Here is a complete guide on how you can participate and get the highest chance for the possible airdrop.

What is ZkSync Swap?

ZkSync is a technology that enhances the speed and affordability of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain while ensuring its security. ZkSync Swap, on the other hand, is a decentralized exchange that operates on top of ZkSync’s layer-2 scaling solution, enabling users to exchange tokens directly on this faster and cheaper network.

How does ZkSwap work?

ZkSync Swap operates by enabling atomic swaps of tokens directly on the ZkSync layer-2 network, which is a faster and more cost-effective alternative to the Ethereum mainnet. To ensure speedy execution of trades, the platform also employs mini-blocks, which bundle together multiple transactions for processing in one go. Additionally, ZkSync Swap offers a diverse range of operations to support trading activities, including limit orders, market orders, and liquidity provision.

Step 1.

We are going to set up our wallet and get test tokens on zkSync ERA testnet.

Click on this link and follow this tutorial to add Goerli, and zkSync testnet to Metamask and get gETH from the faucet: https://medium.com/@_zkSwap/obtaining-testnet-ethereum-on-zksync-era-e8da75299bae

Step 2.

Now we need to use the ZkSwap platform, first thing we will do is a swap.

Swap ETH for Zk.USDT, ETH for WETH, to make these swaps visit https://app.zk-swap.xyz/swap.

Step One connect wallet.

Step Two swap tokens.

Step 3.

Lets go ahead and add some liquidity to a pool.

Hover your mouse over Earn and click Pools.

Click the plus sign.

Choose from Active, Passive or custom. I i chose passive.

Click next.

Then approve max on both WETH and USDT.

Select how much USDT you want to pool.

Click Preview then click Supply and confirm transaction.

Step 4.

Withdraw liquidity from the pool we added to, WETH/USDT.

Hover mouse over earn and click My Pools.

Select remove Liquidity, choose Max and then click preview.

Click remove and confirm in Metamask wallet.

Step 5.

Quote Retweet https://twitter.com/_zkSwap/status/1649436696855846915 and tag 3 friends.

Screen shot your tweet.

Join there Discord channel https://discord.gg/zk-swap provide a little feedback, screenshot of you tweet and your address.

I have an example of what i did down below.

Step 6.

We are going to go ahead and complete the Crew3 missions.

Join https://bit.ly/ZK-Swap-Zealy and complete the missions for possible bigger airdrop.

Thats it team, hope you enjoyed this airdrop and ill see you on the next.

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