[Premium] Confirmed MetaAirdrop!!

This could be one of the biggest Airdrops of 2023. You can earn airdrop tokens every month and accumulate until January 2024. Lets dive into what MetaTime is and how to complete this airdrop.


MetaTime is a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. The MetaCoin (MTC) token is the native currency of the MetaTime ecosystem and will be used to power a variety of services and applications.

The total supply of MTC is 10 billion tokens. Of this, 50% will be distributed to the community through airdrops, rewards, and staking. 25% will be allocated to the MetaTime team and advisors, and 25% will be used for marketing and development.

MetaCoin Features

MetaExchange provides everything you need and eliminates the need for third-party applications, and that MetaExchange is setting a new standard by not charging commissions on trades that close in loss:

MetaExchange is a one-stop shop for trading. It’s secure, reliable, and user-friendly. Plus, it doesn’t charge commissions on losing trades.

MetaLaunchpad also offers an infrastructure where anyone can tokenize their own products and services without knowing software, while creating a platform where developers can build community and raise funds.

MetaNFT is the future of NFT trading. With MetaNFT, you can sell, stake, and lease your NFTs in a secure and user-friendly environment.

How to Complete the MetaAirdrop…….

Step 1.

Visit https://bit.ly/Metatime-Airdrop-Missions make sure you sign up with a email address, i have had someone sign up with a wallet and they have had a lot of issues verifying.

*Important* Make sure to sign up with the same email as your Discord account and Zealy Account.

Then go ahead and type the code thats been sent to your email.

We have now successfully signed up and you will be on a page like this.

Step 2.

Now we need to join Meta Zealy to be able to complete some of the missions and connect our Zealy account.

Visit https://bit.ly/Meta-Airdrop-Zealy and click join.

Complete the daily connect mission.

Step 3.

Sign up to there discord Visit https://discord.gg/VD3KK4Vb

Click verify and follow the prompts to get verified, now we are going to go back to the MetaTime website and connect all our social accounts.

Step 4.

We are now back on the MetaTime website page, click MetaAirdrop and select Tasks Overview.

It will then ask you to login, Click Login.

Click Start Earning.

Step 4.

Then we are going to go ahead and connect Zealy (Crew3), Twitter and Discord.

Connect Discord first and then the others.

You can connect TikTok and all the others if you like, but for now just do the Three i have suggested.

Once you have connected Discord, you will now be able to see a Tasks option next to Discord.

Connect Twitter,

  1. Add user name
  2. Open task and tweet the message that comes up
  3. Copy and paste the URL of the tweet
  4. Click connect

User name and tweet URL example.

Step 5.

Start completing the tasks and also you can do daily tasks, the more missions you do, the more tokens you will get airdroped.

These tokens will accumulate over the next 6 months and be airdropped to you next year.

You can see how many tokens you have in Overview.

Thats it, you are now on your way to getting possibly one of the biggest airdrops for 2023. i will cover this more on my Thursday live call, so any questions hit me up then or ask in the airdrop chat.

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  1. I have made this step by step and very easy to follow, simply just follow all the steps in order, to complete this airdrop. The potential to make 10k on this airdrop is very real, we have 6 months to accumulate tokens from missions.

*Trial requires a credit or debit card and gives you 7 days free access to all features of our platform, then $250.00AUD per month until cancelled. Cancel any time.