[Premium] Airdrop Guide For S***** D**

Gameified DEX’s have made people life changing gains! Get ready for S***** D**, the hottest new project set to drop on Arbitrum. And with a confirmed airdrop incoming, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Spartan Dex is the first gamified DEX on the Arbitrum blockchain. It allows its users to increase their yield by developing their Ancient Greek city. On top of that, they’re planning more services like their upcoming launchpad, SpartaPad.

And as we can see in this tweet, while they’ve confirmed an airdrop for NFT holders, they’re hinting at an airdrop for testers! So, how can you get involved? Let’s dive in!

Lets dive into the airdrop and how to complete…..

Step 1.

First thing you’ll need to do is get your wallet whitelisted! To do that, you need to claim an “OAT” NFT.

Visit https://galxe.com/spartadex/campaign/GCZTQUo8u8 and complete the tasks.

Once that is done, you can claim your NFT and then wait about 2 days to get white listed.

Step 2.

Once we are whitelisted, it’s time to set up and use the DEX. The first thing to do is to add the testnet chain.

Visit https://chainlist.org/?testnets=true&search=mumbai then connect wallet and add Mumbai.

Step 3.

We need some testnet matic.

To get that visit https://mumbaifaucet.com/ Sign up for an Alchemy account and then paste your MetaMask wallet address in to receive some Matic, this is all free.

Step 4.

Once we’ve got the Matic, we need to get some tokens to play around with!

using there official bridge visit https://testnet.spartadex.io/faucet we’ll be able to claim some tokens to use for swapping and adding liquidity. *This is only accessible once you’re whitelisted though*

Step 5.

Once you’ve got the tokens, you can click that ‘Go to dex’ link from the above photo. it will bring you to a page that looks like this.

Step 6.

Now we can finally start playing! If you interact with any of the buildings, you’ll be prompted to mint your Polis. Confirm your mint transaction and you’ll be ready to start.

Step 7.

You’ll now be able to swap, stake, and add liquidity!

You’re going to be tasked with upgrading all the buildings on the map, such as the example below. Just follow all the prompts to get the necessary resources and start upgrading!

Your main goal is going to be upgrading your Senate. To upgrade your Senate, all other buildings need to be at least the same level. The Senate is also unique as its level determines the APR you get from staking LP.

Final Conclusion

While the eligibility requirements are unconfirmed, it seems like maxing out your Senate is the goal. So the best way to have a chance at eligibility is to start upgrading your buildings ASAP, and work towards that goal of level 50. The earlier you start, the better!

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