Potential 50K WEB3 Airdrop

People have raked in five-figure earnings from Pixel! And here’s another opportunity you won’t want to miss out on – it’s destined not to fade away!

The Airdrop has been confirmed, marking it as a green light for participation! 🟢

Here’s a fun fact: Every moment you spend playing the game, you’re engaging with zksync and strategically positioning yourself for upcoming drops! 🎮 Get ready for what lies ahead!

This is the Pixel airdrop some people got for just playing the game, it was huge.

Now the reason we missed it, is because these type of airdrops take a lot of game time. However we are not going to miss this one team now we know the potential rewards for some of these web3 projects.

Okay so your probably wondering what this project is, lets dive in.

Tevaera: Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming on zkSync

Introduction: Tevaera is at the forefront of web3 gaming, leveraging zkSync technology to offer lightning-fast transactions and scalable gameplay. With innovative features like ONFTs and play-to-earn mechanics, Tevaera transforms gaming into a lucrative opportunity for players.

Key Features: Tevaera’s ONFTs provide intrinsic value and utility, while play-to-earn mechanics reward players for their time and skill. Tevaera’s gaming ecosystem offers diverse experiences, including the flagship title Teva Run, fostering transparency and decentralization through blockchain technology.

Future Outlook: With upcoming launches like Teva Dex and improvements to user experience, Tevaera is set to redefine web3 gaming. As a pioneer in the industry, Tevaera invites players to explore the exciting possibilities of blockchain gaming.

Airdrop Guide

Step One:

Lets login and create an account.

Link: https://shorturl.at/gikvV

Once you have logged in, you can choose to mint a Citizen ID or skip this part.

Step Two:

Now lets play the game for free.

You can choose download app or play on web, i have chosen play on web for now.

Select quick play to get a game started

Now all you need to do is a tutorial match and then you can play against other people in the free to play.

Step 3:

This is for those that want to spend a little bit of money, this is not required or mandatory.

Top of the screen you will see a section where you can mint a NFT bundle of 5 characters to use in game.

The cost to mint the 5 NFTs is around $6 bucks, so not that expensive.

later on you can also mint costumes, weapons and heaps of other cool stuff using the KP token.

What is Rep score and why is it a big deal?

Reputation (Rep) is a well balanced score that tracks your game engagement and holdings across Tevaera platform through 7 tiers:

Bronze < 5000 rep score

Silver -> 5000-20000
Gold -> 20000-50000
Platinum -> 50000-100000
Diamond -> 100000-200000
OG -> 200000-500000
Guardian > 500000

Currently rep score is the average weighted score of Game Skill points (SP), Experience points (XP), Game Vault Karma (KP) & Guardian NFTs (GN) with more variables coming in future. It’s a big deal because we will use this as a criteria for any potential future “preferences” and “rewards”. You will see an example soon!


After seeing what people got for playing Pixel, lets just say i am super pumped for this.

Tevaera represents a paradigm shift in gaming, empowering players and bridging the gap between traditional gaming and decentralized finance.

With its commitment to innovation and community engagement, Tevaera is leading the way towards a new era of gaming on the blockchain.

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*Trial requires a credit or debit card and gives you 7 days free access to all features of our platform, then $250.00AUD per month until cancelled. Cancel any time.