Metis Airdrop $360 Million

Metis has introduced an incentivized testnet with a total reward pool of $360 million in METIS airdrop tokens for those who take part.

Metis is a Layer-2 scaling solution designed to tackle the scalability challenges confronting the Ethereum blockchain, including issues like exorbitant transaction fees and sluggish transaction processing times.

Metis aims to address the scalability issues of the Ethereum blockchain by providing a Layer-2 scaling solution. By offering an incentivized testnet, Metis encourages participation from the community and provides a total reward pool of $360 million in METIS airdrop tokens. Through this initiative, Metis aims to gather valuable feedback and insights to further enhance their protocol’s performance. This incentivized testnet not only helps in testing the scalability of the Metis solution but also provides an opportunity for participants to earn METIS tokens while contributing to the development of a more scalable Ethereum ecosystem.

Before Starting: With any airdrop make sure to use a newly created Metamask wallet to ensure the saftey of your funds

✧ Spearheaded by the mother of Vitalik Buterin
✧ Recently achieved a fully diluted valuation (FDV) exceeding $900 million
✧ Received backing from OKX
✧ Has earmarked a $360 million fund for incentivization


Metis Airdrop Approach

✧ This strategy incurs no cost whatsoever.
✧ We plan to engage in every accessible $METIS testnet initiative.

Step One: Setting up your wallet for the Metis Airdrop

Wallet configuration

✧ Install & Configure Metamask
✧ Head to
✧ Connect & add chain to your wallet


Step Two: Claiming your Metis Testnet tokens

Claim $METIS Testnet tokens

✧ Head to
✧ Click on ‘Claim Test tokens’
✧ Connect wallet
✧ Send a message to the bot

Step Three: Test Metis Platforms

Trade on Tethys Finance

✧ Head to
✧ Swap tokens
✧ Open a long/short position with leverage
✧ Add liquidity

Step Four: Test Metis Platforms

Utilize Netswap platform

✧ Visit
✧ Execute token swaps
✧ Contribute to Liquidity Pools (LP)

Step Five: Test Metis Platforms

Engage in Trading on Hummus

✧ Navigate to
✧ Conduct token exchanges
✧ Contribute to liquidity provision

Step Six: Test Metis Platforms

Utilize the Midas platform

✧ Visit
✧ Participate in a lottery event

Step Seven: Test Metis Platforms

Determine your Metis Testnet XP Balance

✧ Visit


We hope you enjoyed this Metis Airdrop guide!

Metis has put aside $360 million for this airdrop, so this one could be huge.

That concludes our current endeavor, team.

Please bear in mind that this is just the first season.

Subsequent seasons are in the pipeline, and I will keep you informed when they are on the horizon.

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What are Airdrops?

Airdrops are a distribution method used by blockchain projects to allocate free tokens or coins directly to the wallets of their community members. This strategy is often employed to promote a new cryptocurrency, incentivize the holding of an existing one, or reward loyalty and engagement within a project’s ecosystem. Airdrops can serve as a vital tool for projects looking to boost user adoption and increase the circulation of their tokens.

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