Meme Coin Madness

The Memecoin madness game has spiraled out of control, PePe or Bob may become a huge nightmare for many people. But what could happen? Looking back in 2021 can be scary…

Everyone says that memecoins emerge before the market collapses. I explored the arrival of meme coins in 2021. Let’s dive into this to determine what’s in store for us.

Shib Token

The unexpected giant in the game:

• Ranked in the Top 20 on Coinmarketcap

• Market Cap of ~$5.79B

• Was subjected to a huge Twitter shill

• Since began to gained popularity to ATH, it has shown a rise of ~$34,000%

Pepe Token has been showing impressive results:

• Ranked in the Top 40 on Coinmarketcap

• Market Cap of ~1.3 Billion

• Gaining a massive shill on Twitter

• Rised about 35,000%

Let’s also pay attention to the so-called second coming, which shows a rise of ~800%.

Is there enough strength to keep increasing?

Let’s recap:

• All coins follow an identical pattern of price behavior

• Percentage growth for all coins is about the same Considering this analyze, can assume that PEPE is already completing its cycle… However, it’s worth check some of the other huge players.

Floki Token

• Currently sitting within the Top 120 on Coinmarketcap

• Skyrocketed by around 6000% during its glory period

• Got a fantastic shoutout on Twitter

Don’t be intimidated by the graphic, it’s an outdated contract that has been migrated.

Bob Token

• Market cap currently at $42M • Top 500 on Coinmarketcap

• Rise by ~5500%

• Twitter is rife with mentions of this token

Although BOB and Floki are different tokens, their share notable similarities:

• The charts for tokens show remarkably similar patterns

• Tokens saw an approximately equal percentage of increase

• Also similar hype on Twitter The question remains – is the end near?

It’s crucial to remember that meme coins have only risen due to the cash flow, but no new money has entered the market. All these facts should raise some red flags and encourage caution when participating in these ventures. I feel the denouement is coming soon.

Could this be the final push?

Stay safe out there and always remember to that you could become someone’s exit liquidity, many others got on these coins way way earlier then most.

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