Linea Mainnet Airdrop Guide

Want to get Linea airdrop? If you missed Testnet then this is your chance, if you did Testnet this is your chance to increase your airdrop.

Some people are furious Linea didn’t do an airdrop on launch. To say the fact, I didn’t expect them to do that but I’m sure the airdrop will come in the nearest future.

Now to what I’ll be doing to qualify for the airdrop considering what other layer 2 are using for criteria Bridge into Linea Transaction counts Number of active days and months Volume Dapps interacted with ETH balance Token Balance NFT Minting and NFT balance.

Step 1.

Add Linea Mainnet to your MetaMask wallet.

Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page, bottom right hand corner click Add Linea Network.

Step 2.

You can bridge into Linea using the official bridge or use which offer free bridging fee presently if you’re bridging $50 or above. Personally i bridged $50 using the rhino bridge as i had issues with the official bridge.

Make sure you swap your wallet to ETH Chain by following the steps in picture below.

Step 3.

Dapps interactions & transaction count, zkSync rewarded Early NFT minters. Lets interact with NFT protocol NFTs2Me, This project is one of the Linea voyage partners. So lets go ahead and mint this NFT

Step 4.

Interact with Merkly and mint a nft to bridge, this will also help us with our LayerZero Airdrop.

Follow the steps below, i have numbered it from 1 to 5 in order to do, make sure yours looks exactly like the picture below before minting and bridging.

I hope you are all enjoying these airdrops and i will update this airdrop once i get more information on tasks to do. If you have any questions please reach out in the Airdrop chat.

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