Fullforce Airdrop

What is Fullforce?

It’s a social gamification platform centered around the “Player Journey.” It combines gaming elements, community interaction, and tangible rewards to create an immersive and engaging experience.

1. Engagement platform: A social game that rewards users for interacting with project-related social pages. The blockchain verifies and distributes prize pools.

2. Community Incubation Launchpad: A fundraising approach that leverages the engagement platform and ensures fair community sharing. Token allocations reflect user participation and staking ranks unlock additional/guaranteed allocations.

Now that you know what Fullforce actually is and its token utilities, let’s dive into its incentivized testnet where we can become eligible for guaranteed rewards.

Rewards: The first 5,000 people to enter the testnet will receive a guaranteed force pass. Additionally, all participants will receive: – FORCE Token Airdrop – FP Points – Force Passes – Stablecoins – Unique Skins – Boosting Tickets – Loot Boxes

Currently, fewer than 500 people have access to the testnet. However, you can be among the first 5000 by joining the public testnet today at 13:00 CET.

Step 1.

Join their Discord https://discord.gg/R9mejEpM

Step 2.

Visit https://bit.ly/Fullforce-Airdrop to connect it to your wallet, Discord, or Twitter.

Complete the social task as soon as possible, Once you’ve completed all the tasks, submit your entry.

Once you have completed those tasks, you will get a message come up that looks like this.

You will also get your points and we wait for more tasks.

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