Unlocking the Potential of Fuel Airdrop: Your Comprehensive Guide

Fuel Network is the fastest modular Layer, providing maximum security and maximum flexibility in throughput.…

Investors: the project has raised $81.5 million from Spartan, CoinFund, BlockChain Capital, Alameda, and others….

Step 1 : Create A Wallet

Go to https://wallet.fuel.network/docs/install and Install a Fuel wallet extension for Google Chrome.

Create new wallet Or if already have one just Import your Wallet.

Set up your password and keep it safe somewhere.

Thats it for wallet set up, you should now have a wallet that looks like this.

Step 2. Claim Faucet On Fuel

At the bottom of the wallet you will see a button that says Faucet, go ahead and click on this.

Copy your new fuel wallet address in and click give me ether, you should receive 0.5 ETH tokens to this wallet.

Step 3. Claim Eth on Sepolia

First we will have to add Sepolia to our airdrop metamask wallet, if you have this then just skip this part.

Go to https://chainlist.org/?search=sepolia&testnets=true and add the network i have marked in red.

Now lets request some tokens for our metamask wallet.

Go to https://auth.alchemy.com/signup and create a free account.

Then go to https://sepoliafaucet.com/ and copy your metamask wallet address in the box and tick the im not a robot box, click send me eth and now you will have 0.5 ETH sent to your wallet.

Step 4. Bridge from metamask to Fuel wallet

Go to https://alpha.fuel.network/bridge

Connect Metamask wallet and Fuel wallet.

Then put in how much you want and bridge ETH from Sepolia to Fuel.

Same thing again, only this time we will go from Fuel to Sepolia.

This will take a few hours to arrive after you do this transaction.

After Few Hours Check The “History” Tab and Click On “Action Required”

Then confirm the transaction.

Withdraw is now complete.

Do The Bridge To And From Fuel At least 2 Times in Week !

Step 5. Thunder NFT Marketplace

Go to https://thundernft.market/marketplace and buy and sell NFTs, you will need at least 2 ETH.

So may take a few times claiming the faucet before you have enough to do this task.

Scroll down in the Explore tab and sort the collections by floor price if you have a low faucet like me. Try to buy some NFTs.

Step 6. Layer 3 Quests

Go to https://layer3.xyz/?ref=AP5rz and search for Fuel, follow the instructions and complete.

Step 7. Join The Guild

Go to https://guild.xyz/fuel and join the Fuel Guild and get some roles, this is a necessity and just extra.

Step 8. Join The Discord And Give Feedback

Join the Fuel Discord https://discord.gg/fuelnetwork

Share you Feedbacks for Wallet and Bridge

Thats it team, make sure you do at least 2 bridges a week to keep active. Hope you all enjoyed this and find it helpful.

If you have any questions please reach out in the Empire Airdrop chat.

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