DMAIL Airdrop

Airdrop and token will be in the first quarter of 2024.

First Step: Connect wallet

➢ Login to:

➢ Connect your wallet

Step 2: Domain

➢ Click “Presale”

➢ Register your Domain name, 8-11 digits is free.

FYI use whatever network you want, BNB is the cheapest GAS fee.

Step 3: Send a letter

➢ Click Compose

➢ Enter a random address and subject

➢ Choose networks with high points

➢ Send

Step 4: Quests

➢ Go to the “Points” tab

➢ Follow Dmail Twitter and subscribe to 5 projects

➢ Send emails and farm points

Thats its team, i will cover this more next week on my live call.

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