Binance Labs is one of the top VCs, with a $7.5 billion valuation.

By simply following “backed by” projects, you can potentially catch 500x returns. Here are my top projects backed by Binance Labs.

Binance Labs is a venture capital firm founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao. This company is the venture arm of Binance, existing to grow the blockchain and crypto.

The strategic focus of Binance Labs spans a range of key sectors:

• Infrastructure

• DeFi

• Gaming & Metaverse

• SocialFi

• Crypto FinTech

• Developer Applications & Tool

DeFi is a huge trend. Binance Labs is hopping on, making the biggest investments in:

• $1.6B to DeFi

• $1.55B to Blockchain Infrastructure

• $1.5B to Blockchain Service

• $1.48B to GameFi

Binance Labs Co-investos:

• Animoca Brands

• HashKey Capital

• Coinbase Ventures

• NGC Ventures

• Hashed Fund

Top projects by ROI in which Binance Labs invested:

• Polygon – 237x

• The Sandbox – 78.6x

• Axie Infinity – 62.2x

• MultiversX – 61.7x

• STEPN – 40.2x

• Injective – 35.5x

Largest portfolio holdings:

• Perp – $1.49M

• ETH – $19

Where is the money… Lol.

My top 3 projects backed by Binance Labs…

Fusionist (@fusionistio)

Raised $6.6M from Binance Labs and FunPlus. TL;DR of Fusionist:

• Fusionist is a blockchain game and game infrastructure layer

• Recently, their beta testing ended, and beta testers were rewarded with an ACE airdrop

Zecrey (@zecreyprotocol)

Raised $4M from The Spartan Group and others. TL;DR of Zecrey:

• Zecrey Protocol is a zk-Rollup based Layer 2 protocol featuring privacy and scalability

• Zecrey provides a user-friendly wallet containing L1s and Zecrey native L2s

Polyhedra Network (@PolyhedraZK)

Raised $25M from Binance Labs and others. TL;DR of Polyhedra Network:

• Polyhedra provides efficient interoperability solutions for transferring assets, messages, and data between Web2 and Web3 systems, with a focus on trust minimization.

Prioritize thorough research before investing in cryptocurrencies. Avoid making decisions solely based on others’ recommendations. Conduct your due diligence, analyze market trends, and evaluate fundamentals. Empower yourself with knowledge to make informed investment choices in this dynamic field.

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