Aptos Airdrop 2.0 Unleashed: A Chance to Grab $1500+

Recall the remarkable first Aptos airdrop that took place a year ago in October 2022, generously providing each participant with $1500+ in value.

Now, brace yourselves for some fantastic news: An immense second Aptos airdrop is on the horizon, so prepare to seize this exciting opportunity!

About Aptos:

Aptos stands as a pioneering layer 1 blockchain, meticulously crafted for continuous evolution. Notably, it is one of the select few blockchains built utilizing the Move programming language, alongside its counterpart, Sui.

Aptos’s journey has been marked by remarkable success, securing a substantial $350 million in funding from prominent investors including Circle Ventures, Binance Labs, a16z, and more.

In alignment with Aptos’s tokenomics, a significant 51% of the total token supply is designated for the community. Interestingly, the initial airdrop distributed merely 3% of this 51%, leaving an impressive 48% yet to be distributed through future airdrops. This signifies exciting prospects for the Aptos community!

How to qualify

Make sure to interact with as many protocols on the Aptos blockchain as only possible. You should also try to do as many transactions as only possible and create some volume.

However, be cautious not to do all of the transactions on the same day as this could make you Sybil.

My personal strategy is to engage mostly with my favourite protocols at least weekly. Also, the following protocols are more important to interact with than the rest.

1: Aptos Bridge

Powered by LayerZero Labs, we can hit two birds ($APT and $ZRO) with one stone by using this bridge.

By using this bridge we can create engagement and volume both for the $APT and the $ZRO airdrop.

Go to the bridge and bridge any amount from Aptos to Polygon or Avalanche (cheapest option): https://theaptosbridge.com/bridge

Note: Transfers from Aptos are very slow and can take up to days to reach their destination.

2: Liquidswap

Engage in a few transactions on Liquidswap, the pioneering native decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the Aptos blockchain.

To get started, visit the DEX platform by following this link: Liquidswap DEX. Here, you can perform a series of swaps and contribute liquidity to the network.

3: BlueMove

Discover BlueMove, the native NFT marketplace tailor-made for the Aptos ecosystem. Dive in and explore the world of verified NFTs. You can start your journey by purchasing a verified Aptos name NFT for just 0.01 APT.

To explore, buy, or sell NFTs, simply visit the BlueMove website at https://bluemove.net/.

4: Tortuga Finance

Discover Tortuga Finance, the cutting-edge liquid staking platform designed exclusively for Aptos. With Tortuga Finance, you can seamlessly convert your APT tokens into tAPT, opening up a world of possibilities within the DeFi space.

To get started, visit the Tortuga Finance platform at https://app.tortuga.finance/ and unlock the potential of your assets in the world of decentralized finance.

5: APass

Explore the domain naming service available on both the Aptos and Sui ecosystems.

If you’re looking to secure your own domain, visit the website at https://aptpp.com/#/dashboard.

Notably, when you interact with this platform, you not only gain access to domain services but also become eligible for both the Aptos and APass airdrop, a confirmation previously confirmed by APass.

Aptos Wallets

If you use the Martian wallet, you can earn rewards and potentially a Martian airdrop just for daily logging in to your wallet and doing transactions.

Download Martian: https://martianwallet.xyz/

For a full list over the entire Aptos ecosystem you can check out the official Aptos Foundation website: https://aptosfoundation.org/ecosystem/projects/all

We trust that you’ve found this airdrop article to be both informative and exciting.

I will cover this in more detail on my Thursday night live call, Until then, stay tuned for more updates!

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