6 Tools To Help Avoid Scam Projects

Trading on-chain tokens can 10-100x your portfolio, But only if you avoid rugs and scams.

I am going to cover 4 trusted and well known tools, plus 2 new tools to do some more research on that could be very helpful as well.

Disclaimer: Using these tools does not 100% guarantee a project is safe, teams running off or massive sell offs cant be detected with any tool. However these tools will help detect 99% of the scams that are out there.

No 1. Cyberscope (Well know and Trusted)

They are a smart contract audit and KYC services firm.

You can paste the token address and they’ll scan if its safe to invest.

Or if the deployer can:

→Blacklist you

→Block transfer

→Set fees/taxes

Link: coinscope.co

No 2. DeDotFi (Well know and Trusted)

Another similar tool for checking token security.

They also have a revoke feature and you can check your wallet security.

You can see if liquidity is locked as well.

Link: De.fi

No 3. Etherscan (Well know and Trusted)

Sometimes these tools don’t detect if liquidity is locked. You need to check that so the project can’t rug.

Etherscan is good for checking to see if tokens are locked and other contract details.

Link: https://etherscan.io/

No 4. Bubble Maps (Well know and Trusted)

You can check token distribution with this tool. Sometimes same owner can have different wallets.

At first, it looks like holders are diversified. You can spot if they truly are diversified with this tool.

Link: bubblemaps.io

Below is RLB which is a example of a healthy token.

No 5. OttoBots (New So Do Research First)

This one is Telegram bot and is new. Just send CA of the token to it and he will give you a detailed report.

Bots With Benefits – OttoBots, crafting purpose-driven bots designed to empower the Web3 community, all free-to-use.

Link: ottobots.xyz

No 6: TTFBot (New So Do Research First)

This is another telegram bot, i haven’t used it myself but a lot of people have been talking about it.

They also just signed a partnership with Bubble maps and they are a trusted company.

You can track:

→Team activities

→Live contract changes

→Team wallets

Link: ttfbot.io

Here is an example of a rugged project.

Recently rugged despite having 100/100 score and locked liquidity.

How? Team/devs left the project and a massive sell-off happened.

You also need to watch if someone has a large % of supply. Do fundamental research as well.

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