5 Secret Tools For Whale Tracking

Firstly what is whale wallet tracking?

Whale wallet tracking refers to the monitoring and analysis of cryptocurrency wallets that hold a large amount of a particular cryptocurrency. These wallets are often referred to as “whale wallets” because, just as a whale is large in the ocean, these wallets hold a significant portion of the total supply of a cryptocurrency.

Here’s a breakdown of the concept:

1: Whale Wallets: These are cryptocurrency wallets that hold a substantial amount of coins or tokens. The exact amount that qualifies a wallet as a “whale” can vary depending on the cryptocurrency and the total supply.

2: Purpose of Tracking:

Market Movements: Large transactions from whale wallets can influence the price of a cryptocurrency. If a whale decides to sell a significant portion of their holdings, it could lead to a drop in the cryptocurrency’s price.

Predicting Trends: By monitoring the activity of whale wallets, traders and analysts might be able to predict potential market movements.

Transparency: Some blockchain explorers and analytics platforms provide tools to track whale activity, promoting transparency in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

5 Secret Tools For Whale Tracking

Tool 1: Candlestick

Candlestick is a tool for tracking whale purchases, smart money transactions and much more With this tool you can monitor real-time activities of the smartest traders/VCs/whales You can get real-time stealth money trades of low/medium/large-cap tokens.

You can receive smart alerts for all live events, charts and smart money movements

There’re a lot of other features which you can find on their platform.

🔥 You can also get $25 to purchase a subscription to this tool by following this link https://www.candlestick.io/?referral=c874a297

Tool 2: Zapper

Zapper is a web3 tool which helps you to track your wallets, keep track of other wallets and many other cool features.

Link: zapper.xyz

Tool 3: Zerion

Zerion is a very useful tool that helps to track whales wallet portfolio.

You can track the transactions made by the wallet and the amounts involved.

Link: https://link3.to/zerion

Tool 4: CoinScreener AI

Coinscreener ai provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to assist traders in making informed decisions.

You can follow top traders and get notified when they open, close or adjust their positions, so you can make informed decisions in real-time.

With CoinScreener you’ll get alerted of large buys/sells and track history of whale activities for 1000+ Future & Spot markets Stay one step ahead with real-time alerts on market pumps & dumps and unusual volume activities

Link: coinscreener.ai

Tool 6: ArkhamIntel

Arkham Intel is a tool for detailed analysis of wallets and transaction chains.

You can see a complete view of the activities of any entity or address.

You can view their portfolio, P&L, and top counterparties, as well as a list of transactions which can be sorted and filtered.

Arkham enables you to view specific details on any transaction.

Set custom alerts for on & off-chain activity & view their history against pricing & other important signals.

This is just a fraction of what this tool can do.

Link: https://platform.arkhamintelligence.com/

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